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High cost-effective stable operation of the double fed inverter REverter-D series

Renergy electric R & D of doubly fed inverter REverter-1500D/2000D/3600D completely independent intellectual property rights of the inverter is one of a series of products.

Unique harmonic suppression technology

REverter-D using patented technology of the grid current harmonics suppression method (Patent No.: ZL.200910068946.0), effectively inhibit harm biggest low harmonic, harmonic of the current on line side is less than 3%, better than the national requirements for network harmonic current is less than or equal to 4%; can effectively improve the unit of output power quality.
REverter-D the unique machine side harmonic current suppression method, effectively improve the heating of the motor, inhibit current of a motor shaft damage to the motor insulation, fully extend the motor life; impulse torque is reduced, and reducing the twisting vibration of the rotating shaft of the motor, maximum reduce gear box, transmission parts of the fatigue load.

Advanced power grid adaptability

REverter has advanced network adaptability, even in the special conditions of the voltage imbalance of up to 8% can still run for a long time, the performance is far more than the current national network standards. Has been approved by the State Grid EPRI adaptability testing and certification. Suitable for all kinds of power grid environment.

Unique high and low voltage ride through technology

REverter has unique high and low voltage across the technology, can be the perfect solution to unit of high and low voltage across the key technical points, its technical performance is higher than the national testing standards, and the first to put forward a high voltage across the enterprise standard. The characteristic curve is shown in figure 3.
Figure 3 high and low voltage ride through waveform

Strong reactive power support

REverter-D support fast response superior dispatching instruction and realize the accurate adjustment of active power and reactive power, output to power grid, the stability of electricity; during the grid fault to the greatest degree of support the grid and help power fast recovery. The effect is shown in Figure 4.
Fig. 4 waveform of reactive power compensation

Good operation and maintenance performance.

RREverter-D is the smallest unit of the equivalent unit power module system, fully meet the single machine maintenance operations on the spot. Power unit using rail push and pull type installation, can be completed within 10 minutes of the replacement of a single power module. Effectively shorten the maintenance time, reduce the amount of field work.
Friendly user interface in Chinese and English, REverter-D debugging software according to user habits and requirements of the custom development, with humanized anti misoperation function, rich waveform recording, fault recording, expert diagnosis, is suitable for field operation.

Flexible customization design capability

REverter-D according to customer needs and different environment to carry out differentiated customized design, production.
REverter-D can be flexibly integrated control tower part, the main control and frequency conversion platform for seamless integration.
Renergy electric technology focus on customer demand, pay attention to the latest trends. According to user needs, personalized customized products and provide the most intimate service. We are concerned about throughout the entire product life cycle, can continue to meet the product upgrades, maintenance requirements and enable customers to worry about.

REverter-D system parameters:

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